Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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The look on Grays face when Coleman ran into the box and tried something sublime. He was standing there waiting for the pass. Lol.

Charles Hawtrey

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Really poor performances all over the place today. Rondon and Iwobi has to be our worst pairing up front ever. Would have prefered Dobbin and Gordon on at half time. Rice and Soucek bossed Allan and Doucoure all game.
You cannot rely on break away goals if your front four are not playing well. Why couldnt Benitez see that.

Steve EFC

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I’m not surprised by that result. Hope there’s some activity in January so that we can have a plan b even with an injury or two.


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He has been all this season, the lad doesn't have any confidence. I am pretty Rafael will get rid or him as well, along with rondon, iwobi, Allen , Keane. The quality is not there at all ...need atleast 6-7 good players in many positions.


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toothless, as expected! alarmingly that’s two teams around us that we have lost to (these and villa) think it sets the tone of where we can expect to be this season

Verbal Kint

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A nothing game that, first goal was always going to be the winner, I would have gladly taking a point beforehand if offered. Have done well to get the points we have considering our our injury list. Goal was disappointing, Never a corner put Pickford should have dealt with it and Godfrey beaten to easy, it typified his performance all day Godfrey very indesivive from the first minute. Iwobi and Rondon had the chances to put us ahead and West Ham put in the perfect away performance, not much more I can add to that.

Move on and hopefully get the two boys back fighting fit will make a huge difference to the side. Seamus Coleman my MOTM.
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