Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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Player Valuation: £5m
Replace Iwobi with Richarlison

Replace Rondon with Calvert-Lewin

We win the game. Simple as that.

Two players who simply aren’t good enough are getting games due to injuries. Not going to be too despondent about it, just look forward to those two forwards getting back into the team.

Ghost Rider

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Only so much this squad can do.

We are going to lose more games than we would like with practically no striker.

Once our attack is back things will improve. Rondon looking every bit as bad as I thought he would be sadly.


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That was truly awful. West ham were better than us in every department. Imagine making a Moyes coached team look silly smooth. Flat from the team and really flat from the fans at goodison. Probably the worst home atmosphere I've heard at any ground in the prem in a long long time.
They were not average scored from a set peice.....we were awful...wrong team selection needed three in midfield., no Iwobi or Rondon...


Player Valuation: £30m
Rondon is useless unfit or not he adds nothing
Iwobi once again acting like he's won a competition...
Godfrey....the new besic, people rave because every now and again he throws in a tackle...poor reading of the ball, poor in the urgency at the end when we needed to get the ball forward...
We desperately need to get mina, dcl and Richy back in this team


Player Valuation: £750k

This is why he doesnt play
Gordon honestly didn't know what to do, hence Rafael has to play iwobi, who atleast tries to get in some position and atleast runs, but thats all about iwobi, bye bye to him by next summer. Or may be convert him into a defensive midfielder.


Player Valuation: £70m
Disappointing that so many players had an off game. I wish Mina could have been available rather than Godfrey.
We have full backs that want too much time on the ball and Godfrey was no finesse and just 'have it'.
Allan and Doucoure just couldn't get going for long periods.
Pickford and a little of Godfrey at fault for goal.
We need Richie and DCL back asap.
Townsend still getting the crosses in the box but no one good enough to make the most of them.
Bad day at the office and evidence that we still need a few more faces in January
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