Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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Whole game seemed flat today. Typical crap Sunday afternoon game on the TV.
Weird the lack of urgency towards the end, was as if we'd accepted if we go 1 behind it was over.


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Played very deep from the start let them boss the game Iwobi should have been hooked after 20 mins Rondon is a substitute player and looks totally out of it.
Michael Keane motm for me he at least kept a hold of Antonio
I tell we need amongst other things a throw in coach we get a throw in and just give the ball away
Crowd flat and West Ham didn’t impress
A game to just forget 😡


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Only so much this squad can do.

We are going to lose more games than we would like with practically no striker.

Once our attack is back things will improve. Rondon looking every bit as bad as I thought he would be sadly.
Apart from the Villa game we’ve dodged bullets up till now without Richarlison and DCL. . But let’s face it up until the last 15 mins when Rondon showed a bit of effort, playing Rondon and Iwobi was like playing with 9 men. The amount of attacks that broke down from the poor play of these two was infuriating if not expected. They aren’t good enough for Everton football club.


Player Valuation: £70m
Yeah, Iwobi probably should've had a brace and chubby up front had about 3 headers wide not to mention the countless balls rolling across the West Ham 6 Yard box. Swap Iwobi and Fatty for Richy and Dom and we win that.

Also is the Pickford you're mentioning the same one who just done 2 outstanding saves from about 10 yards out? Have a day off on the Pickford thing lad
Have a day off? I've been praising Pickford for months after his excellent performances for club and country. If you think I'm talking from some agenda against him, rather than his obvious shakiness and errors from minute 1, you're clueless.


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What's happened to the atmosphere at Goodison? You would think after not being able to go the games for a year fans would be well up for matchdays now. I listened on radio Merseyside commentary, it was like crown green bowlng in the background.


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Replace Iwobi with Richarlison

Replace Rondon with Calvert-Lewin

We win the game. Simple as that.

Two players who simply aren’t good enough are getting games due to injuries. Not going to be too despondent about it, just look forward to those two forwards getting back into the team.

I was looking forward to it before the international break. Can't believe neither are back


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I thought our form was pretty good but its actually very bad......

Villa (a) Lost 3-0
QPR (a) Lost on Pens, 2-2 AET
Norwich (h) Won 2-0
Man Utd (a) Drew 1-1
West Ham (h) Lost 1-0

Played 5, W1 D1 L3, Scored 5, conceded 7.... In the Premier League played 4, W1 D1 L2, scored 3, conceded 5.

Watford is now massive!!!!
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