Everton Youth Teams Thread


Player Valuation: £50m
As a positive from that match, I enjoy watching Garcia because he is quick, willing and he has a bit of snide in him. His size means he will probably never make it but it's often fun to watch anyway.

Anderson had another good game although faded a bit in the second half - I could see him having a steady career with a club like Preston if he manages to avoid the youth injury curse. (Hadn't realised we picked him up from the Liverpool academy.)


Player Valuation: £70m
He went up for injury time when we had a striker sent off and they had two players sent off, think it’s a bit much to moan about that.

Saw the last half hour and we played some good football just not really a dominant forward in there to score goals

You didn't really need to explain it, that it was even mentioned just showed it was another excuse for someone to moan about nothing

stretford blue

Player Valuation: £20m


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Player Valuation: £70m
Agree but its the plan we have for them they just seem to stay at u23 level. When they should be going out getting games on loan

….posters seem to think going on loan is some type of la la land. If we send our Academy players on loan, the chances are they will rarely play. Points are precious in the lower leagues, we’ve seen how the likes of Gordon and Gibson have struggled.

Going on loan very rarely works for Everton youngsters.

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