Transfer Rumour Harry Winks


Player Valuation: £35m
Danny Williamson reincarnated... am certain of it.

Similar profile and an injury record. I might be doing him a disservice with the injury record, he hasn't missed a huge amount of games for the last two seasons... he loves a groin and ankle injury.

So long as he doesn't have "Quad injury" on that list, he's probably still preferable to Gomes


Player Valuation: £40m

Old Jack Wheelchair managed to dine out on that good game he had at the Nou Camp for years, so Winks can expect a few more contracts to come his way yet.

I'm as underwhelmed as the next person, especially after that disgraceful performance he had in the 5-4 game at Goodison, but if this is the limit of our scouting, I'd rather him than Zinchenko.

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