Lack of any quality in youth system

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Welcome to Barcelonaton FC
Branthwaite Nkonkou were bought in

Davies and Kenny not good enough.

I do think however that we might be on the verge of a better group with Small Onyango Gordon coming through

It's still youth and academy's development.

Doesn't matter about being good enough to break in and last. It's the development.

Moonlight dribbler

Player Valuation: £1.5m
Anyone half decent send them out on loan and pay 65k for a CF we have not used..... Josh King....... while Rhico has stunk the gaff out......- Eliss Simms could not have fared worse ....... + we missed out anyway on Europe....
Ellis Simms are you serious? Why do we do this? Year after year!! 'Nick Chadwick needs to play' ' Phil Jevons needs to play' 'Phil Quinlan needs to play' 'Michael Branch needs to play' 'Kieran Agard needs to play' 'Michael Symes needs to play' 'Chris Long needs to play' 'Conor McAleny needs to play'. If only they had all played regularly.


Player Valuation: £150m
So giving a kid game time in one cup match and then not playing them for the rest of the season is better than a full season of game time in a league?

I mean playing them in the league. That's what the argument was. Our fans wouldn't go for that anymore.
I would I seen great youth players in my time win trophies......
Not open for further replies.
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