Match Thread Liverpool v Everton : Sunday 24th April 2022 : Kick Off 4.30pm

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Player Valuation: £70m
Well that was a load of crap last night let's be honest. We needed every player right on it and unfortunately ( and certainly not for the first time ) about half of them went missing when it mattered most.

Point gained or 2 points dropped? End of the season we'll certainly find out.

Still, taking a crumb of positivity from last night was that they kept huffing and puffing and finally blew the Leicester door down at the end.

So, onto Sunday (spit spit). If we play crap we'll get battered. If we play well we'll still probably get battered. If half of the team turn up we'll get battered. If we miraculously find ourselves with something to hold onto the referee will intervene and ensure our heads get battered. Either way, it'll be a Moshiri "expected loss" for Everton....

..or will it? Could we go there, put in the performance of a season and somehow snatch an unlikely draw or even a win????? OF COURSE NOT SO GET THOSE DELUSIONAL THOUGHTS OUT OF YOUR HEAD MACCAVENNIE!!!

maccas miraculous moment of glory starting 11 is

Rondon (yes, Rondon)

Delph looked crap last night but less crap than Allan who was horrific and I'd replace him with Doucoure who hopefully has a bit of energy back after his break.

Gordon looked to be blowing out of his arse after 25 minutes last night but there's no one better to replace him as Gray looks like he can't be arsed and is expecting a move to FC Rhyl any day now.

Richarlison simply needs to be put on the left before he misses any more sitters because his value is currently at around 6.5m and those type of misses aren't doing his dream of playing for Real Madrid any good.

Could Rondon be the hero we need and deserve? NO CHANCE but give him a go anyway.

Whatever the outcome, let's just hope the lads show some pride, bottle and determination to give them a game and give the superb away fans something to shout about and get behind.

maccas mesmerising blink and you'll miss it score prediction

rs 2-2 Everton

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