Match Thread Man Utd v Everton. Saturday Oct 2nd.12.30 pm

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Lesser managers we're led to believe in moyes, emery and villa boss have outplayed and outfought Ole in recent weeks. They're ready to implode- ronaldo dropped. We'll get another utd manager sacked today. UTFT.

We know the routine - plucky 1-1 and they have 2-3 subs to come on and put the game to bed 2-1/3-1 against tiring legs whereas we have Davies and Kenny to try grab a winner :oops:

Its why the top teams stay top because have depth of quality that we simply dont.

Mosh Pit

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Ideally we score first.

Either a Gray special or a Rondonaldo header.

United bring on the reinforcements to chase the game.

Then Rafael plays that wonderful 'I'm bringing a CM on' to which we all question...

To see him with a cheeky grin at the end as we bow to his tactical prowess.

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