Moment of the season

Dancing Pat

Player Valuation: £5m
For the first time in my life, as long as I get in the ground tomorrow and the match kicks off I have completed all 38 league, 4 FA and 2 Carabao cups games. I’ve been trying for nearly 40 years and had many near misses so I’m pleased in what has been an emotionally draining season.

Iwobis goal against Newcastle
Thursday night
Leicester away

In a season of very low highlights.

I remember unfortunately the trips back from QPR and Norwich , miserable wondering why I bother.

I’d like to say never again, but see you all in august. Look after yourselves over the next two months and remember, everyone wanted us down and yet we will NEVER ever go down. F the lot of them. UTFT

Did you do it?


He's my brother
The new kit



God, but that was a long season. FSW seems an age ago - fitting for a dinosaur

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