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Player Valuation: £70m
1.7 m

Screenshot_20210926-004700_FlashScore UK.jpg


Player Valuation: £20m
Enjoy what? Being out possessed by the league bottom side. Am sure you will have an excuse or 3 ready for next week
To be fair we get out possesed in most games but we're a lot better with the ball in the final third i.e shots on target/goals compared the opposition.


I'll take down dat coal powered MG, I tel u Hwat
Another awful performance. 90% of the other teams in the division would have put us to bed, thankfully it wasn't. If this is progress as the FSW lovers like to say it is then the inevitable downfall is going to very painful viewing
Why do you keep coming out with outlandishly wrong and embarrassing statements.

We have already played over 25% of the league so far and dominated them all. Except the last half hour of 1 of them. So already spanked over 20%. And we are only 6 games in.

90% would have put us to bed. Please stop saying stuff.
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