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Player Valuation: £100m
I’m not so sure, Godfreys best form was at left back IMO and as somebody else wrote, this could free up Gray down the middle behind Richy.

Gray’s position is left wing, we can’t lose what he gives us going forward in the hope that Digne can swing in his first half decent cross in 10 months. Digne deserves flat-out dropping.


Player Valuation: £90m

The board changing managers hasn't made us anymore competitive.

This Everton board, under Moshiri - has made us less competitive. Under Brands, we've gone backwards.

Little point fuming at Benitez. If he doesnt do the job - fume at those who made the decision to bring him in.

Attention has to turn to Everton's board at some point - CEO, DOF and Chairman.

I for one am just criticising the tactics and set up of our manager. I don't blame him for the many, many failings of the people above him and actually think it's good that he's calling out other areas of the club that need improvement.

Ultimately, his point might be a bit undermined by then going and losing 5-2 to one of the worst teams in the league, at home.

He was crap yesterday. The players were crap but he made crap decisions. The play all season has, in general, been rubbish. We don't have any control in matches, we can't string passes together and rely on 2-3 players to get us up the pitch and then their end product is iffy at best, let's face it.

There's no way, with the teams we have played so far, we should be averaging less possession than any team other than Burnley or Newcastle. Eventually that catches up with you.

It's fine being a counter-attacking team, but we have a defence that looks way out of sorts and is reliant on Mina, who has injury issues compounded by daft international fixtures, and from set-pieces we might as well be giving the opposition a penalty.


Player Valuation: £40m
Against Liverpool, after the international break when Ranieri hasn't had a chance to implement any ideas. So far Ranieri ahs won 1,lost 1. Forget about what happened before as its irrelevant.
Hang on a minute, what happened before is irrelevant? So the players at his disposal are an irrelevance? If that's true, is it also true for Benitez at Everton?


Player Valuation: £8m
Theres plenty of managers in Europe who would jump at the chance to join us. Id have gone for Ruben Amorim rim from Sporting.
he'd have cost an absolute fortune however. Sporting themselves paid an outrageous fee to pry him away from Braga. Benitez was likely picked as he was cheap, knows how to churn out average results during a forced austerity, and has an outside chance of getting the club into Europe or some silverware.


Player Valuation: £90m
We usually revert to it when Iwobi stinks the place out for the first 20 mins and we swap them tbf.
I'd just have played Gordon AM yesterday. It's his actual position.

They're all crap, I know.

It'll be Richarlison there unless he switches to a midfield three though which is what he really needs to do, because we aren't good enough to just think Doucoure doesn't plug about 7 gaps at once


Player Valuation: £70m
No one is - GwladysBlue got banned for heckling one of the most successful managers of all time.

You're all living in fairyland if you think a middle of the road manager Graham Potter or Eddie Howe would unite the fanbase if Carlo Ancelotti couldn't.
Who said anything about Howe or Potter? They aren’t the only managers out there

Ghost Rider

Player Valuation: £8m
No manager could have this squad and have us performing better. That's not a support for benitez but generally speaking , sack him tomorrow and another man would have us even worse. Even if you think subs don't work, look at what he has to choose from. Iwobi is the best player we have off the bench, that speaks volumes.

It was always going to be a long season for us after the summer. I had no expectations of glory this year and just put it down to one of them, even an ancelotti season was terrible in the end. I just think fans forget that we really are scraping the barrel now and those few good players we do have who are injured are the only thing that will keep us ticking until may.


Player Valuation: £40m
Must be great being an Everton player. You can be crap for years and the fans will just slate whatever manager is currently in charge.
The players are slated left and right. Look in the Davies thread, the Keane thread, the Rondon thread, the Godfrey thread, the Digne thread. There's plenty of blame to go around but the manager picks the team, chooses the tactics and, according to all the Benitez fans on here, is fastidious about the training methods. To imply he should be above criticism is absurd.

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