2021/22 Richarlison

Jimmy Grimble

Player Valuation: £15m
Then you have 3 players all trying to occupy the same spot.
For me, I would be playing him on the right of a midfield 3 and let him swap and change with Townsend. Coleman sucks at getting forward. He stays back and let those 2 crack on, on the right hand side.
I really think he could do some damage if he came from a little deeper.

I don't believe he is a winger. He probs is best in a front 3. But since we ain't playing that system, why not use his workrate a little deeper?
They'll torture the right back like the city lad did against Milner. They'll also suck the centre half out and leave space in the middle

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
Will be very interesting to see where he plays once he’s back in the side. Obviously him & Gray both playing with one on the left and one behind DCL but I’m not really sure which way I prefer it.

Would really like to see him behind DCL as a second striker. Gray gets a bit lost in there for me and Richarlison is a bit rubbish on his left foot when out wide.


Player Valuation: £35m
If both Richarlison and DCL are fit as long as Townsend and Gray are fit I would start one and the other on the bench. This would mean we can ease them back instead of running them both back into the ground. Obviously once everyone is up and running they will both start but to try and keep everyone healthy their game time should be slightly limited. Also having one of them on the bench will mean West Ham know we have a genuine game changing option on the bench.


Player Valuation: £70m
He's top target for the new Newcastle owners, apparently they really want to kill it with their first signing.
Lol if Richarlison leaves, which I think he will unless we have a stellar season, he’s not going to bloody Newcastle! He’s in his prime and is Brazil’s number nine… Paris, Madrid etc is where he’s heading. I could see him being amazing at Atletico actually, very hard working and suits Simeone’s style.


Player Valuation: £70m
Diving as always been there, no worse than it was 30-40 years ago. Just every decision in every match decision is dissected from every camera angle now. Back then we’d see highlights from 2 or 3 games on MOTD and, if we were lucky, their might be a live game on. The assumption was that it didn’t happen when it was just that no one seen it happen. Diving isn’t/wasn’t destroying the game, the officials and rulemakers & how they define a dive were. Franny Lee was famous for it, Martin Peters famously admitted to doing it for England at Wembley. It’s always been there. But Klinsmann gets credited for him bringing it onto these shores. Lineker was good at it, Kane is shocking for it, Sterling, Rooney, Shearer, etc etc. English players don’t get demonised for it. Foreigners do, Richarlison Is no worse than Kane/ Grealish etc. They win free kicks, Richarlison cheats.

the game was much more physical back then and players tried to stay on their feet instead of diving. I mean .. the game is so soft now that we do t even have contested drop balls anymore .


All I ask is an empty road.
Where have you heard that?

Not sure Richarlison would move for another 'project' without european football.
Agreed. He'll be looking to step to a euro club not a smaller yet wealthier project. Newcastle will struggle like we did to attract big names until they're in the euro pantomime.


Player Valuation: £70m
I dont think Richarlison is motivated by money anything like other players in comparison to what he wants to achieve in his sporting life.

….it’s still lots to do with £. Agents, clubs et al will all be after maximum return. Richarlison will be rich beyond need whatever happens but I agree he’ll surely take a step up the football ladder to one of the worlds top clubs. I think he’s that good.
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