Sack him or not

Simple question.

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This is our worst run in 22 years. If he is sacked, he can have few complaints - other than to curse his luck with injuries. However, people are deluding themselves if they think that will solve our problems. They go far deeper and far higher at Everton. His sacking would be a useful enough diversion for the board - until they then realise that they have to appoint a successor. If they cave - which I don't think they will - then they'll appoint Ferguson to placate the easily placated and semi-delusional. We'll then, in all likelihood, face a relegation battle that could very well end in disaster.

In the absence of serious investment in January, we'd better pray we get our injured players back and keep them fit. Some of these players have failed multiple managers now. However, the real common denominator is our board. They have overseen one managerial failure after another. At some point, the penny has to drop and the source of the issue accepted: the board. Moshiri is going nowhere, Denise, Brands and Kenwright must be purged. Everything else is window dressing, the executive equivalent of putting blue gravel around Goodison.


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Other than Mina we've got full strength back 4. Last season we had Godfrey going right back one game to left back the next and then centre back and we were more solid than this.

Doucoure has missed just a couple of games.

There's absolutely no excuse for how terrible we are defensively.
Mina seems to have got better the more games he’s missed, we miss him but he’s still average. I don’t Think he’d have made that much a difference.


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6 managers in as many years tells you everything you need to know. The problem is the people running the club.

This manager is having to make do with previous managers poor singings and cast offs.

Unless things change at the top of thr club changing manager will make zero difference.

Benitez just like Allardyce is the result of the problems caused by those running the club.

Sure at the moment Benitez is an issue, he's not 'Liverpool - Madrid - Chelsea Benitez' he's most definitely 'Newcastle - China Benitez' and that's not what we need.

Changing the manager will change things temporarily but unless Moshiri clears out the club we'll always be stuck in this cycle.

Legend Barry Horne

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Ancelotti obviously left and dropped us in it. Benitez had no money in the summer. Talking about Gylfi Sigurdsson appears a taboo subject - but that's one important player missing. Missing DCL also hasn't helped. Liverpool are very good at the moment and scoring a few goals against most teams

He should have kept James in my view if that was financially possible. Sacking him though would be stupid - it's not helped sacking other managers and his track record over his career is good - so better to stick with him, things will turn around

The fans can help the club most by supporting the team and manager....


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Voted no as I can’t see a plan B when it comes to managers. Problem is the board. FFP issues weren’t caused by managers.


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I just can’t see him getting us out of this, and we’ve got some horrible fixtures coming up….

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