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Lobster Johnson

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Doesn't matter who we appoint - seeing the likes of Ancelotti and Silva doing well shows you that ultimately this group of players are the problem.

You'll chase the next fella oot just like you did with Benitez and still sit wondering why we'll have gone through 7 managers in 6 years.

Benitez did a decent job of chasing himself. How are the fans supposed to react to the last 4 months?


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Who was injured.. I Remeber he had DCL and Rich for the games
I can’t even remember who was in the squad in that season but I wrote this after the United game:

Thirteen minutes into the game the commentator on Sky said 'Everton have had a few injury problems in central midfield this season'. A few injury problems! Five of the six senior players you might realistically have expected to play a game there for us this season unavailable, as well as the under 23 most likely to step up, and they call it a few injury problems.

So clearly pretty major injuries.


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There’s a couple of aspects to that. Firstly, ‘this group of players’ has been something people have been saying for the last 10 years at least. They were bottlers under Moyes apparently, then threw Martinez under the bus, then Koeman etc etc. The squads gone through about 5 total transformations in that time but somehow they’re still ‘this group of players’.

Secondly, it is obviously the players to a large extent, and we all know that. Not ‘this group’ of players, and not because of some weird quirk that means we just keep signing players with the wrong mentality, but because our recruitment has been really poor and there aren’t many players in the squad who are genuinely good enough to get us to the top part of the table. The squad clearly lacks technical ability all over the pitch, lacks balance, and lacks pace throughout the spine of the team. So yeah, in that respect we probably need to lower our expectations of what the team can achieve currently - 16th is most definitely not good enough but realistically 10th probably wouldn’t be underachieving as such.

That leads to the third point, and probably the most important. For as long as moshiri tries to get Hollywood names and talks about winning trophies and sacks managers and DoFs left right and centre, all of which he has done consistently since he’s been here, the fans will be impatient and intolerant of poor performance. The strategy and patience needs to come from the top, and the fans will follow that lead.
We been crap since we signed Keane and Voldemort, both key players both with no pace and added no pace next to them..Add in a past his peak Coleman.
The one thing Benitez did was buy pace, something we been lacking for years.

Where Benitez got it wrong was the fact Gray and Gordon have pace and the ability to carry a ball then put Rondon up front instead of a Dobbin or a Simms. It got to the point that Gordon and Gray would either pass to each other or just shoot


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Carlo top of La Liga. Marco doing well with Fulham. Barcodes still love Rafael. Kean scoring goals. Schneiderlin playing in an overachieving team.

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