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Mr PEN86

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What baffles me is why we're all of a sudden so bad at defending set pieces? Weren't we setting up in an unorthodox way under Carlo that seemed to do the business last season? Remember all the pundits talking about it but our records was a lot better. Forget the manager, if that worked, don't change it.


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You can all post what you want but the team is dire at the moment ,we carry at least two players per game and with injured players as well we are in a right mess . I just hope we haven't heard from Moshiri because him and Brands are at magic classes .
I don't know where we are going but it is terrible to watch.


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I always get a little concerned when the fan base gets a little rancour-ridden about the performance of our brave , brave lionhearts . These 'heart-on-sleeves' loyalists to our behalf do not get paid well, they sweat and they toil for little financial redress: let's cut them a little slack eh? And let's keep jam-packing stadiums to adore them.


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Ben Godfrey is clearly struggling with the after effects of Covid-19. Very sad to see how much he has deteriorated.

It goes without saying but we are desperately missing our best midfielder Doucoure and our leading goalscorer Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

As Evertonians we are known for our patience and our ability to be logical and reasonable in the face of adversity, so I don’t think many blues will be calling for Benitez’s head when we’re still in the top 10. Even Carlo Ancelotti, the most decorated manager in history, could only get us 10th.

I wasn’t surprised by last night’s defeat away to the most in-form team in the country. What worries me is that we are struggling to win our home games, sometimes against mediocre opposition like Watford. If you can’t win at home against Watford when you’ve got all the fans right behind you then where can you win? Certainly not at Man City, where we play in a couple of weeks.

Another worrying thing to note is that our players seem to be giving their absolute all, which is all we as fans can ask of them. The bottom line is that they simply aren’t good enough. That’s frightening really. The likes of Koeman and Silva wasted a lot of money and made a lot of poor decisions.
No issues with Godfrey much same here I would add his young age and constant moving about the back line.

However, to say the team is giving its all after that first half can't be having that, not even near a response expected given pounding against Watford last home match and moaning about two players being out against Wolves. Well we are doomed. Because it's still early season with winter to come with more injuries and suspensions very likely.


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You look at the next eight fixtures and wonder where points are coming from with this squad

Oh well I'm sure the board and benitez have a cunning plan
Our only hope is that those teams look at the fixture list and think it's only Everton and we can spring a surprise or two.
It does happen with other teams but admittedly not much with us.


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Cant believe how how bad this season is going after our decent start. I thought we would be all right defensively.
Let's hope there's an Arteta-like turnaround in the making


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Pickford man of the match for me. Kept us in it in the match.

Good to see Delph finally show up!

Still working out the pragmatism of leaving Gordon out for the start...

Squeaky sphincter time.
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