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  • Dylan, I challenge you on Call of Duty: WaW or Modern Warfare.... Yes, this is "tha scoopy." I've decided to grace you and my father on this horrible blue and white board. :p
    How could you miss it?.....

    Facebook Connect - Allow your users to login with their Facebook account - Page 73 - vBulletin.org Forum

    "When existing users login with their facebook accounts, they are prompted to create a new nickname? - Prompting questions of "how do those of us who already have accounts here log on with Facebook?"

    Any ideas?"

    Alright D man! Life's good ta! Not been posting as much cos of my busy busy busy uni life! Still read the forums over breakfast and between lectures though :p How're the little 'uns doing?
    When he grabbed Clichy yesterday it was scary. Clichy just ran at him to cause some [Poor language removed], Hibbert instantly grabbed him with both hands around the scruff of his neck and Clichy [Poor language removed] one. Straight out of the book of Dunc that was.

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