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  • Heres some advice.....

    Call your contacts and get some info.....then tell people.....

    Then message THEM.......that should keep you busy instead of messaging me nonsense.

    Good call on N'Zogbia btw.....
    Maaaate, wait abit, I'll send you some coin.

    Let me know how much, and ill send it over via the you know what.
    No worries lid, we have your back, Sheedy lad over on Kipper been big sticking you to today!
    We follow each other. I'll have to figure out how to use the DM feature on Twitter...this is a good excuse to do so.
    Haha sorry. It's my first night of summer break. Who can blame me for staying up this late?

    Im going to bed now though. 'Night.
    Hey, lcab - how's it going? I've been away for a few your transfer thread gone? Was it too much hassle? What did I miss? Anyway, hope you're doing good. I'll check out your website, see if there's anything there.

    Tried to send a PM, but your inbox was full.

    Just been reading the tweets mate, and seems there's some bad feeling.

    I'm not quite sure where it came from, the Pedersen thing was a clear wind up and beyond that I apologised and stopped. If it was the Long thing, which is the only thing I can think of, then it was a crap joke - playing Long Ba(ll) up front. Perhaps that has been misconstrued.

    Anyway, I'm not one for falling out on the internet, life is too short.

    If you ever have an issue then just PM me mate, we've met and you know I'm a big enough boy to take some criticism. I don't stuff like this out in the internet land as it only encourages bellism.

    Hope your weekend is a good one.
    Just a quick one to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading various football related articles on thtandlcab and look forward to lots more. Keep it up Mate.
    Oh god, you just gave me hope. :D

    No worries, as always I'm just hanging out. The sheer fact we have you around amazes me.
    Sorry for all the back and forth for you man. Can't believe we haven't even hit July. But at least we're making noise! I keep my fingers crossed for Americans. :)

    Just wanted to say hi.

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