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  • Yeh been checking it mate atleast once daily, although the transfer gloom isnt helping. The spotlight section I find the most interesting until we sign someone that is.

    I will try to write more in the future, ive been a bad lurker.

    Hope the baby's not causing you too much lost sleep mate.
    Just a quick one to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading various football related articles on thtandlcab and look forward to lots more. Keep it up Mate.
    And hope it was okay to leave that comment - should have asked first before posting. Sorry 'bout that!
    Just read your MLS section on the site. It is awesome. So much history and praise - thanks for treating it right!!!!!!!!

    Did you catch the NY/LA game? It rocked and is a testament to how much the game has improved. Really. You can watch a replay on if you have their service at all... Or just watch the highlights on youtube, though the game is better than the highlights if you can believe it.

    Finally - just a nit, but it's MLS, not "the" MLS. Common error that's seen everywhere. :)

    The site is looking great!
    Ahh cool, didn't really realise you could comment on all the articles etc just having a peak now! =)
    No worries mate, I thoroughly enjoy the contributions you and your brother make here, a breath of fresh air!

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