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It's just down here and to your left;



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It's just down here and to your left;

Brilliant as usual...

"Replacing your boxies because there’s an ozone layer appeared in a crotch" lollollol


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Consider “this” a stool sample, an MOT, renewing your TV License. Being forced to play duck apple. Buying for Valentines Day. Replacing your boxies because there’s an ozone layer appeared in a crotch or three. The first day back at work after the holidays. Hailstone on your face. A blister on your heel. A 6am flight. Really [Poor language removed] cheese. Driving through Lincolnshire. The latest Need For Speed film. Your tax return. Chopping half your finger tip off cutting the coriander when not paying attention.
The former is certainly more painful than the latter @chicoazul. As always, thank you.


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It's just down here and to your left;

The mothership
Great piece @chicoazul.
Great preview again. Love this picture....


The joy on the faces of Sharp and Harper.
Ratcliffe jumping on Wayne Clarke.
Despondent floored Grobbelaar.

But most of all, Whelan(?) stood with weird inverted knees wringing the piss out of his knickers.

Cameron Manning

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Brilliant Chico, as usual, and I’ve got that secret way you have of writing, your essay is predicting a 2-1 win for the Blues, amazing how you get through to me, or does every Bluenose pick it up as well.

Bkk Andy

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Well written, great read, interesting that swearing is allowed for some and not for others. I'm expecting a dull stalemate or a hammering with nothing in between.
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