chicoazuls Everton v Southampton Preview

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Is online now on that jarg Grand Old Team website.



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Nice one. I have the same wishes for the season as you - a bit of fire, some passion, show us they're bothered. I'm still in mourning for Carlo though. He broke my heart, dumped me for the popular girl whose Daddy bought her a Porsche. I will miss the suit and knitwear combo on the touchline and will dream of what might have been.


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Great stuff.

A friend once gave me relationship advice. She said, relationships are actually pretty easy. You argue, you hate, you let each other down, whatever. But the question remains after each scenario. Is it bad enough to leave my partner? If yes, off you go. If no, forget it and move on. Your choice. I've made mine.

I'll stick with the blues.


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He means Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins here doesn't he lol
Haha I thought that too!

Well said on most accounts there Chico, though my life has taken a definite turn from hiding Gary’s in jeans to getting an SUV on finance and living about 40 mins away from Southampton so what do I know anymore?

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