EFC managers seen live

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Player Valuation: £150m
Never seen this guy as manager My late father reckons he was rubbish - any other poster see him? its a laugh readin this!
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Steve Wigan

Player Valuation: £35m
It is right that he was a fitness fanatic...unpopular from the moment he was appointed.The forerunner, but four times as bad,as Archie Knox. I think he was ex military as well as a former amateur footballer. In those days most of our players liked a smoke and a drink...it was a case of fags out and get on the pitch to play,and light up again at halftime.A Woodbine instead of a slice of orange! Even into Cattericks days, the manager had to send his posse out on a Friday night to extract Roy Vernon et al from the late lamented Royal Tiger and other drinking clubs.
In the photo, the guy with the tooth missing is Wally(Nobby) Fielding, known as 'Englands best uncapped inside forward'...I met him years later when he had a newsagent shop near White Hart Lane...I was in another shop, run by former Spurs Ted Ditchburn,talking football,and he said to me' go around the corner and talk to a former Evertonian whos got the shop' Fascinating memories !!
Not open for further replies.
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