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Your Everton MOTM vs Crystal Palace

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Player Valuation: £20m
Been a long awful season but we have done it every single fan has been first class. Want to give the players some credit for coming back cant even thibk of a word how i felt at ht. but now is the time to work on next season and nake sire this never happens great night

Bally's Boots

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Why is it we only play some of our best games when they're relegation dogfights. At half time I was dripping tears of despair onto my white boots, by 97 minutes they were covered in tears of absolute joy and pride. Swapping Gomes was a game changer but still bemused at Gordon's exit. One thing's for sure, the rebuilding starts now lets give Lampard the right time to put together his own squad, at least five years to build up to world beaters, we've seen to much change and uncertainty now lets achieve stability and succes.


Player Valuation: £60m
How did we do that, after all the times the players haven’t turned up to do that in 45 minutes. It make you think they were just toying with us.

This is a great point.

Michael Keane controlled the ball in the opposition box, then half volleyed it with his left perfectly into the net. Keeper was nowhere.

Where has that been?

Then with a background of spirit of the blues from the Gwladys Street End, Gray swings in the perfect ball for a Calvert-Lewin diving header. Scenes. It’s unbelievable if not a miracle.

It’s basically Wimbledon


Player Valuation: £25m
Crazy crazy crazy. But there you go. That’s Everton. One hell of a crazy football club. Step up Iwobi. Where did that player emerge from. Step up our goal scorers tonight. Superb. Step up Gray and Ali. Great cameos tonight. Step up Delph……for those very efficient cameos a few weeks back.
Step up the supporters. Step up everyone.
And step up Frank Lampard. Didn’t always get everything right in recent months. But something must have clicked at half time tonight. It worked.
So there we are. The run in the top flight continues.
Roll on next season. I’m looking forward to it already. But please……no more of this nonsense. And no Gomes. Amongst others. Some changes have to be made……but that’s for another day.
Up the Toffees. Our useless but brilliant Toffees. You just have to love them…….
He’s been incredible these last few weeks
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