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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
It's only Tuesday. But I'm excited by the toffees again so let's talk about Sunday. And an absolute crazy Time to play a game at 7pm.
Two wins in a row, 7 unbeaten and things look so much better this season. Frank has restored our faith in the club again. People want to watch the game . What a turnaround.

A gritty win last time out against Southampton sends us in to this one on a high. Unlike our opponents who conceded 6 in their Derby loss to citeh with the robot tearing them apart.
We won't see many changes , probably none.
Our front three need to do better but midfield and the defence are really shaping up well.

They have quality obviously but a rocking Goodison under the lights will test their mettle
So come on blues. Into these soft manc tramps. UTFT.

Ring master

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Why the F… are we kicking off at 7 pm on a Sunday night?

Premier League rules state that teams playing across the continent on Wednesday or Thursday are ineligible to play in the early kick-off on Saturday - a rule that always pushes those featuring in the Europa League to a Sunday kick-off.

But because the agreement between the league and its two main broadcasters - BT and Sky Sports - does not allow either to overlap in screening matches, there is no other option but to push Everton’s game back to late on Sunday evening.

Sky Sports will show Crystal Palace vs Leeds at 2pm, followed by Liverpool's trip to Arsenal at 4.30pm


Player Valuation: £950k
No messing around this time. They’re a shadow of former Ushited teams. We need to boss the midfield and with our current three musketeers we should be able to do just that. COYB

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