Match Thread Everton v Nottingham Forest : 3pm KO : Saturday 20th August 2022

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Its gonna be awkward if the blues are singing Anthony Gordon's name and making a big deal of him if he's going to sign for Chelsea next week.

Maybe him being in the team is an indication he's not leaving?

Or maybe it's a very bold move by the board to squeeze more money from Chelsea as though he's going nowhere.

Fun and games.


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Trying not to be negative but that is one depressing line up. Honestly wouldn’t look out of place in the championship.

Saying that the Forest team doesn’t looks anything special. Hopefully the home crowd can spur us on to a win.
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Please let Davies and Rondon and Gray and McNeil and Holgate and anybody else who should be on this list have the game of their lives.


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That might be the worst midfield and forward line I’ve seen in 30 years supporting Everton. And I’ve seen some pretty poor midfield and forward lines in my time.


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I look at that team selection and give the goalkeeper and defence a pass - I can see what the manager is doing there. He has an international-class keeper and some good leaders (and Holgate) in that back five. All in all, there is a plan. Then I look at the rest of the side: Davies, Iwobi, Gray, Gordon, Rondon.

Nah, sorry. That's a relegation waiting to happen.

The transfer market movement between now and the window "slamming shut" will seal Lampard's fate one way or the other. Gordon simply HAS to go and Thelwell has to hit the ground running with the replacement(s). Ronald Koeman was sunk by a botched window that saw the sale of Lukaku and no adequate long-term replacement. Frank is definitely in even deeper than that as things stand.

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