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I have know reason to think we will win ,but i think Frank is a Manger not tatted by the defeatism of a derby [like we all are ].


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Wonder what 'witty' banners they've got in store for us tomorrow?

I recall one Goodison derby sometime in the late 2010s when they had one mocking our long trophy drought whereas Blues had a 'don't buy the S*n' banner, which, I suppose, sums up the difference between us and them. But they're not obsessed with us are they?

Baileys perm

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We're lucky to be seeing this fixture again after last year's nightmare.

It's a free hit in that respect.

Get out there and take it to them and win. If you cant do that, draw. If you cant do that, put a couple in the treatment room for a decent spell.

If it was down to me I'd play them more often. On the sly they 'kin hate playing Everton.
Now now dave last time that happened pitchforks were out for pickford and the incident still gets used by the media at every opportunity to portray us in a bad light
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