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well we’re finally letting a manager do his job mate, he’s had to start from scratch with like 5 previous managers players.

he’s building his own team a young team and i’m excited
…young? Begovic, Gueye, Cody, Tarkowski all started today.
Well to be fair to Matty , it's a blend of youth and experiece like all decent teams tend to be.

What I do like is that Frank clearly saw enough last season to decide , quite rightly , that in the words of Edwyn Collins it was time to "rip it up and start again" and like all really good teams he has created a sold base with the defence and midfield making us very hard to break down and beat.

Obviously we need a bit more creativity and better striking options that I suspect will come next season when some more high earners are out the door.

At last we have a plan , a plan that is sustainable , and you can see what Frank is trying to achieve .

Fingers crossed this season will be one of consolidation with real progression next season.

Very impressed so far.

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