Hopes for the remainder of the season

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I remember joking about the 7th place trophy. I'd be happy of we got it this season!

Three or four more goals from Dominic Calvert-Lewin means he'd finish the season with a very respectable return. Well worthy of the number nine jersey.

Granted confirmation of planning permission for BMD.

Anthony Gordon to cement his claim for a regular spot in the matchday 18.


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I predict that we beat Liverpool...then their is a large coronavirus spike and the season is announced over. No title, no relegation. All results are null and void. So the win over the RS is struck from the record.
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We find a system that suits both the players and the fans. It needs some ingenuity so that the players can respond to different situations within a game as the match ebbs and flows.

I'd like to see him develop the 442 which has us switch to 3 at the back as we play out. Could Holgate be that RB out of possession that becomes a 3rd CB in it so that he can be our playmaker? It would allow us to get more bodies, further up the pitch - especially Digne.

We need an Everton that we can identify with. He's got 9 games to try and find some of those components before pre-season.


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Outside of the obvious hopes regarding winning matches and final placing, I'd just like to see Holgate, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and Richarlison continue to do well, hopefully get international recognition for Mason and Dominic in the near future based on how they do for us.

It would be great for Kean to get some decent minutes in also and chip in with a few goals, & for Gordon to feature as much as possible.

These players are our future, altough clearly Kean and Gordon are debatable in that regard.

I'd also like to see Gomes step up a bit and start scoring goals. I know this won't go down well in some quarters, but he doesn't impose his ability near enough on games.

The other players, I could take or leave all the rest of them to be honest, maybe Digne aside, but if the likes of Schneiderlin can convince someone to buy and/or take his wages on by playing well enough, I won't complain.


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Before his recent injury I would have been particularly interested in what Gbamin was like.

Now, I want to see if he more or less picks the same team and formation as he did before the lockdown.

I want to see who has fallen out of favour and who has come into favour.

I want to see if any of the young players other than those involved before the lockdown has pushed their way into consideration.
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