How do we fix our club?

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We have wasted far to much money on players who should not be putting on a Everton shirt. Prime example we keep playing Iwobi he is simply not good enough. The recent run of games we can't pass the ball.... we can't keep the ball.. . we stand off 5 yards.... we don't close down and keep getting dominated. We need a complete overhaul. I know its not all about money but we need to get rid of players who are just robbing a wage and not putting in a shift. Any one have any ideas 💡


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Hire the best people possible in each role within the organisation. No sycophants,

A lot easier said than done of course. It leaves the obvious question, how does anything improve in a situation of mediocrity when no tells you anything is wrong?

It doesn’t, you get the odd glimmer of hope from time to time but that’s it and the club suffers long term for it which it is now.

I don’t understand why some have a issue with fellow fans who want the club to be the best it can. What is so bad with hoping to see that?

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If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
Kenwright out is a must, Get shot of the hangers on Ferguson, Usworth and any other former player lurking around the club then punt the medical staff, something is seriously wrong, we seem to always have an injury crisis. At the moment Rafael is well down a list of what's wrong with the club although his persistence with Rondon has him climbing the ladder of blame.
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