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Tom Hughes

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With the wealth at his disposal he could in theory build the thing without a loan if he so wished, but that might require a longer term commitment from him and his "investor" friend(s) than he was thinking of...... and without that assurance, that doesn't really constitute a financial plan as regards the club in itself. That's the bottomless pit end of the economic spectrum..... By the same token any works carried out on site prep could add value to the site for ANY type of development, since waterfront developments are often tight margined due to restricted quayside space. An infilled BMD would instantly become the biggest or second biggest building plot on the whole Liverpool Waters scheme. So if worst come to the worst, he could say the loans weren't favourable, I'm building something else. I don't believe that's the case, just illustrating how Moshiri might view, justify or cover his spend to date.

Whichever financial model is used, the tab ultimately has to be picked up by someone, and we haven't yet seen how that all comes together and what it means for the club's bottom line going forward. I read somewhere Spurs are having to pay almost £40m per annum over 23yrs to cover their loans on their new stadium. They have more than doubled their matchday income from £45m to £100m. I haven't seen any similar projected figures for us, but think we are still only about £17m matchday income. They have not yet secured a naming rights deal (as far as I know....) and i know some on here are speculating that USM will meet that gap for us.


Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
Looks like the club was listening r.e. promotion, @Eggs - just need to address the glaring fact it’s audio-only!


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Whilst I agree total confidence may be difficult this is the furthest we have got with a new stadium build. So I am about as confident as I can be.

As for funding I have always been of the opinion the plan has already been there. I highly doubt Moshiri would pay the enabling works out of his own pocket if there wasn't a plan
No one could have anticipated the pandemic and the confidence of the market.


Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
Why is the water in the dock displaced by sand, pushing it to other docks and into the river? I thought they'd pump the water out.
I think they are actually doing both. I don’t understand precisely how, but perhaps the pumps are just pulling from the surface of the water, and the sand being dropped in is effectively constantly raising that water level.

Dr Baxter

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Why is the water in the dock displaced by sand, pushing it to other docks and into the river? I thought they'd pump the water out.

I might have this completely wrong but my understanding is that if you just pump out the water there is a good chance the dock walls will collapse as they are so old. You put the sand in to replace the water. Apologies to anybody technical if I've got that wrong.
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