Player of the season?

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Pickford definitely. Ironic because we conceded 61 goals so far. But not all are his fault and could've been more if not for Pickford.


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But there’s 5/6 players who since spurs have grabbed us by the bollocks and dragged us to safety. Richy, Iwobi, Gordon, Holgate, Delph/Keane too arguably. Will love them all forever

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But there’s 5/6 players who since spurs have grabbed us by the bollocks and dragged us to safety. Richy, Iwobi, Gordon, Holgate, Delph/Keane too arguably
Completely agree. Pickford is clearly POTY, and Gordon YPOTY. But the guys who have stood up the last few weeks deserve credit. Iwobi was amazing and you’re right to point out Holgate, made mistakes in the past but was excellent when it mattered most.


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It’s Pickford, not close.

But a shout to Doucoure. At times single handedly controlled the middle of the pitch. If he could pick a consistent pass, he’d be at City or Liverpool.


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Richy for me, Pickford second. When we couldnt score, when we struggled, Richy single handedly brought us into games or won games for us, and carried us on his back. And Richy fights every second of every match, no matter what the score is and the opponent is and the situation is. He embodies leading by example, as much as Pickfords saves in the past 8 games have been huge.

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Player Valuation: £35m
Jordan Pickford for me. Consistently excellent through the season. Richarlison has been decent for the last third of the season, but for the first half or so he was average.

Breakthrough player of the season was Anthony Gordon, and a special mention for Vitaly Mykolenko - it's been a massive last three months for the kid, for footballing and non-footballing reasons, which will only hold him in good stead next season.


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Pickford, most heavily criticised player by pretty much everybody. National press despise him and were desperate for him to be dropped for England. He has a had a really solid season and the saves against Chelsea and Leicester have kept us up this season.


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Pickford has been our only player to perform in every game. For a goalkeeper in a relegation battle, the fact I can only think of one mistake he made that lead to a goal (Spurs 2nd) is testament to how good he’s been.

Richarlison is the only player I don’t question put everything into every performance on the pitch and fought for the club non-stop. A few weeks ago he promised us on social media he’d get us out of this.
Footballing-wise though he’s missed so many big chances and he’ll be disappointed in himself for that. Absolutely love him though.

Iwobi was awful before Frank but a truly changed man, running a marathon every game, playing multiple different roles and always playing positively passing and running forwards every time. He’s gone from must-sell to a hugely useful squad player at worst.

Mykolenko has also had a really positive few months too and if he keeps up his development will be in the running for POTS next year.

This year though, it’s Pickford by a long long way.

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