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Player Valuation: £90m
Waiting 6 weeks would be similar to the captain of the Titanic, noticing the big iceberg right ahead but saying "don't worry about that lads, I'll turn the ship left after I've had my lemon tea, a bit of battenberg cake and another little perv at this lass called Rose Dawson who is passing herself around all of C Deck"

That's the type of leadership that would be if we went another 6 weeks without a win.

There is no one who comes in here and does a better job with a poor and injury ravaged squad. At least we KNOW Benitez can get wins when they are all on the pitch fit.


Player Valuation: £90m
Benitez, in my opinion is not in any danger whatsoever of being removed.
He inherited a problem, financial and playing staff and will be afforded the time to sort it.

There is a reason Benitez was appointed and it wasn't because we had a strong squad and an unlimited budget,
Its not even on Moshiri's radar.


Player Valuation: £225k
Never wanted him as our manager. But we can't keep sacking managers after a only a few months in charge. Some of his decisions aren't helping, but the infrastructure of the club, recruitment and current playing staff are the main issues.

We need a coherent strategy and we need to be brave enough to stick to it.


Player Valuation: £70m
….I’m not so sure, Kev. Moshiri won’t want another manager recruitment so I doubt he’ll be pulling the trigger just yet.

What might impact change is fans reaction. The powers that be will be aware of the after match exchanges and that might unsettle them but I doubt anything is imminent. They might see that as against the players more than the manager.

Personally, I think Benitez was more culpable than the players yesterday.

Thing is though mate, its literally only humiliating for us.

Benitez doesn't care for us, he won't be bothered if we get beat badly on Wednesday. If we do, and its the only thing I can see, he will be sacked on Thursday morning and then walk out smiling his head off. Agent Rafael confirmed, the RS will be delighted. they'll think he has done his job.

He should never have been near us, I've said it from day dot - he earned some grace with his good game management, but now he's either a worse manager then I believed or he is making completely incompetent game management moves because he hates us.

….the problem Benitez has is fans will turn against him very quickly. Things will quieten with a decent run of results but the situation will always be a tinderbox.

i doubt he’d ever win the fan base, the majority will tolerate him as long as results are ok.

It's over for him. Done. When our away fans turn on you like that you're finished. Going the match isn't like chatting bubbles on the Internet. People don't just call the manager and players for everything in numbers like that at the match, especially away from home. When the fans turn against the players/manager like that there's no coming back from it

….win our next two games & the pressure is definitely off, but I wouldn’t say ‘it’ll be forgotten about’.

It’s wrong to compare this situation with Kendall or even Arteta. Kendall was a young and progressive Manager learning his job. Benitez is established, what you see is what you get. He’s also carrying a lot of baggage and I don’t mean around his waist.

Benitez can keep the wolves away from the door but they’ll always be lurking.

If he gets a draw against Liverpool and another versus Arsenal then that buys him some time.

Does he 'deserve' time, not from the performances on the pitch so far but football can change very quickly.

We have 5 very difficult games now and then a very positive set of fixtures taking us into the transfer window.

Do I hope he can get the results to save himself?

Yes i do.

Do i also want him sacked? Yes.

What a dilemma lol

We will see if the squad is behind him or if theyve downed tools.

If he gets sacked i think it will be very hard for him to find another top level job.


Player Valuation: £90m
He’s a populist and will just bow to whatever keeps the fans happy. Unfortunately he’s probably the worst type of owner we could have at the moment. The board are absolutely paranoid and at the first sign of mass fan discontent will pull the trigger on him to save their own skins. Shouldn’t be this way but that’s how it is.

The fan base isn’t helping though. It’s the same fan base that gets irate enough to demand Kendall was fired but will clap Kenwirght for years of stagnation. The exact same thing is happening now. Huge ire against Koeman, Allardyce, Ancelotti towards the end and now Benitez meanwhile Moshiri, Brands, DBB who have been in post for years presiding over this entire mess get nothing.
That's correct.

There's a horrible bit of serfdom in the mentality of some of our supporters.
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