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Chris O'Connor

Player Valuation: £35m
I'm not sure if you remember 96/7 mate, but we went from Dark Horses in the league to surviving by 3 or 4 points. I don't think we will get relegated, but it's very much a possibility.

I still thank David Moyes for bringing us years without really having to worry about relegation as top half and higher was almost always achieved. I do remember the bad old days in the 90's, although I played cricket when the seasons overlapped and missed the (in)famous Wimbledon escape.

I remember we were all dressed in whites in the car park listening to the car radio at tea time praying we would stay up.

(Just noticed rereading my previous post I said not to good to go down - instead of the correct not too good to go down - hate seeing such poor grammar when too late to correct it lol)
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Player Valuation: £70m
But he’s handed money over to Marcel Brands and Steve Walsh who he appointed, and the various crap managers he’s appointed to buy the crap players. And he’s also butted in and bought the odd crap player himself like Tosun and Iwobi. The man is a danger to this club.

yearh he’s handed the money and they’ve bought the crap


Player Valuation: £70m
No he oversaw the appointment of many people who did.

He had no viable “football” plan to move the club forward; he has installed himself into the club affairs with his appointments of Koeman, Silva, Ancelotti and now Rafata (Allardyce was defo on Steve Walsh’s input).

He’s also involved in certain transfers because of his association with certain super agents

There been no accountability for the failure of the u23’s and constant in-house promotions for people after years of failing

If he was the CEO of a private company he would have been booted years ago; he’s put the club in a worse posting than when he bought it. He’s treated this like a toy

he’s backed us money wise , it’s not worked so he needs to employ people to help it work

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