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Player Valuation: £8m
Because I asked you, ahead of that run, would you expect 9 points.

You didn't answer the question. Instead you segmented it.

I'll try again. Right now, before a ball is kicked in those three games, would you expect 9 points from Liverpool, Chelsea and Palace? Hell, I'll go one further, would you expect seven or even six?

If your answer is "no", because of recent form and because we're not good enough, then you are being facetious in laughing off my description of Ancelotti's three wins as 'a miracle'. Because right before those three games Ancelotti had, if someone had said we'd get 9 points, they'd be called insane, because the form going into those three games was one win in seven against a terrible Fulham side, just as the form going into the three games now is dreadful too.

It doesn't 'reset' after one game because we're specifically discussing the three as a segment. If you put a bet on the next three games now, the bookmakers wouldn't change the odds of your bet based on what happens in the first one.
No you're segmenting it not me. Why have you called it three miracle games last year when we won four in a row? Because you thought the fourth one against Sheff Utd was winnable anyway obviously. Well that's exactly the point i'm making! I was very surprised when we beat Chelsea last year but I wasn't very surprised when we beat Arsenal both because we had been in good form by then and because they weren't very good anyway so I wouldn't have been surprised even if you'd asked me a couple of weeks earlier. The same is relevant now in that i'd be amazed if we got 9 points from the next 3 ONLY because i don't think we can win tonight. The next 2 I don't think we will win but I won't be shocked if we do and I won't be making excuses about them being expected losses if we don't because they are definitely winnable games.

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m
Who, Sigurdsson?

Chalk and cheese as different positions. He's offered more than Bernard obviously, who was unfortunately a lightweight.

We don't even have a playmaker on the books now. Iwobi played the shadow striker role against Brentford, which is just tragic.
Probably shouldn't have ostracized the other playmaker we had then.

You adapt though, you have to. Why would Benitez be playing Ancelotti's system anyway?


Player Valuation: £2.5m
People using Ancelotti's last 13 and Benitez first 13 as a marker, have you forgotten that everyone to a man thought our last 13 games were pretty much disgraceful and Benitez has a point less. Seems a strange thing to admit too personally.

Compare the first 7 games for both and see how that gets you

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