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Seen a few comments of ‘if we play with the effort of today we can pick up the points we need’.

The problem with that logic is we have all the consistency of a stool sample left to marinate in hydrochloric acid overnight.

And I’d back the stool sample over most of our wasters. They’ve brought great shame to the jumper even if we somehow stay up.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Actually defended pretty well today good shape against a exceptional Liverpool side. if we could of had someone up top with a bit of pace and movement maybe could of hit on the break a bit better the few chances we did get forward. The Burnley defeat for me was the decider in us going down hopefully we can sell richarlison, calvert lewin maybe even pickford, to raise funds to allow us to spend and maybe recruit better now we have kevin thelwell and hopefully get rid of most the other useless crabs in the team. think kenny can do a job champioship level coleman would be good cover for patterson if he can prove to be a decent signing, keanes the worst cb ive seen for everton he needs to go, holgate would cope in the championship but we need a massive rebuild

Kev The Rat

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Whilst I am inclined to agree our next five games are Chelsea Leicester Watford Brentford Palace with three at goodison.

Leeds have arsenal City Chelsea

We really need three wins out of those five
Leeds look like Burnley to me - they’ve got the new manager effect. I don’t see them as more catchable then Burnley - and we’re not feeling them in so….

Papa Shango

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We've shown real fight in the last few games, I think there's draws and wins to be had that we don't expect you wouldn't think so listening to this grim forum
There is but it counts for nothing if you don't actually get said draws and wins.

Being unlucky losers is just as bad as being crap.


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i’ve been looking for a catalyst to release myself from this grip that Everton have on me and my life, so in some very selfish way I am not as upset about the prospect of being relegated than most.

and that has really been compounded by the way the PL is going now: teams getting taken over by treacherous countries, rules being changed to cater for the scum 6 clubs, genuine cases of corruption in the league - it stinks and it’s so far removed from what football should be


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Since the moron bought the club and started treating the running of it like a game of Football Manager. Benitez was just a symptom, Moshiri is the disease, and now it's gangrenous.
I agree, but I think this club was being ran like a joke before he even came along. He just helped speed up the process. Not winning anything since 95 for a club like this is bloody disaster.
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