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On the evidence of what we've seen from our games away from Goodison this season, is it conceivable that we could go the entire season without an away win ?

It's happened once before, back in the 1959/60 season.


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With Marco in charge, certainly.

A change and we'll win at somewhere crap like Newcastle. But it is going to get ugly.


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We'll win a few but the mentality is shocking no reliance or want to dig out a result when we aren't playing well. We will achieve nothing with this manager and players for that reason.


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Impressive Eggs;) lol

...ha, ha, I always remember that away drought for some reason. For one moment I feel like @Dario Terracotta!!

I actually think we’ll win away soon. There are parts of our game that are decent and we do have some quality. My concern is we’re not an efficient defensive unit when we lose possession.

I haven’t watched a replay of the 3rd Brighton goal, but I think Sidebe was possibly one of our furthest players forward. There was a void I think Gomes tried to fill but it doesn’t appear to be organised with somebody automatically filling in when a defender attacks.
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