2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £70m
I think it’s one of those systems you have to persevere with until the players get used to it. Clearly didn’t work for our lot mind.

It does to me depend a lot on who the wing backs are, can they cover for absent FBs? or are the 3 cbs continually left exposed?

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m

Team news​

We have out for this game Pickford, he's not recovered yet. Allan starts training with the team today & Gbamin is following his individual programme.
It's too early to say when he will be back

What do you think of Manchester United​

We played against them twice this season at home, both we lost. If we play the same way we played then I think we will lose. We are trying a different strategy & we will see

Godfrey praise​

He is doing really well. It was surprise for me. I knew him, but not a lot. But I found a really fantastic defender. He is powerful, lot of energy, tactically intelligent, really aggressive.

Olsen praise after Leeds​

He played a good game, a really good game, When Pickford is back, he can play like he normally does. But Olsen is also going to play some games

On rotating players​

I think that all the players has difficulty to understand why they don't play. It's difficult. First reason is you didn't play well in the game before. The second reason is to give you a rest, “I hope they understand but if not I can explain to them

Man United threat​

“This is bad news! They scored nine but lost against Sheffield United. It will be a really difficult game because Utd is a fantastic team with a good mix of experience & talented players

More on United​

I think the project of Manchester United is in the right way to reach that level that team had in the past, when Scholes, Giggs, Rooney & Rio Ferdinand was there. I don't know how long it takes but the way is that one

Carlo on Everton's schedule​

At the beginning of the season when we played every three days, we did really well. When we had [more] days to prepare, we had difficulty. I think something needs to change because when he had one weeks’ time, the result was not so good

Carlo on Social Media Abuse​

The fact some stupid people use social media to abuse others is unacceptable & someone has to take a decision on this. These people need to have consequences for this... To use social media to insult I think is unfair

Carlo on Home Advantage​

I think all the teams had more difficulties at home than away. MUFC is the same. They have a fantastic record away but lost against Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Sheff Utd. It's because the crowd is not there to help you & this helps the opponent

Carlo on Champions League Dream​

It's still a dream. It is a really important period. It's true we have two games in-hand but we have to play against two strong teams in AVFC & MCFC. It doesn't change the target - to reach a European position for next season

Rodriguez rotation​

I gave him a rest because he played three games in a row & I want to keep him fresh to avoid injury... I'm going to rotate other players tomorrow. This is a normal way that I manage my squad to avoid injury & keep the players motivated

Carlo on Godfrey​

The personality that he has, the focus he is able to keep in every single moment of training, of the game. This is what surprised me"

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
I am with you on the 3 cb lark just never seems to work.
TBH I don't have a problem with 3 at the back per se. Some clubs and national teams play that system to great effect and, in truth, some of our best players are central defenders so it would enable us to get more of our best players on the pitch at the same time.

But those teams that excel using the system are well schooled and practiced, everybody comfortable with the system and knowing their role within the team. Every time I've seen us play it it's been the exact opposite. Everybody looks uncomfortable and the defence is all over the place. There have been some individual decent performances, such as Iwobi at RWB, but overall the team has looked completely lost and without structure when we have used it.

If Carlo is serious about using 3 at the back then we need to go into the season that way and go through a full preseason of training and matches playing it. Get the players as well schooled as possible before the season begins. As has been proved this season, it isn't something you can experiment with mid season in a league as competitive as the Premier.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
Solskjaer on Carlo

He's a manager that you really look up to and respect, he's a winner everywhere he's been, he's influenced PSG, what he started there, what he's done at AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, you can see that at Everton as well, started the season fantastically, won last four away games, a team you know you're in for a battle when you play against.


Player Valuation: £70m
Judging by his comments that some players will be rotated I think the team will be

GK : Olsen
RB : Holgate
CB : Keane
CB : Mina
LB : Godfrey
CM : Doucuore
CM : Gomes
ACM : Gylfi
RWF : Rodriguez
LWF : King
CF : Richarlison


Allan ( maybe )

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
Social media abuse ? what is he referring to.
One of the journalists decided it was appropriate to ask him about some of the abuse some Man Utd players have been getting via social media.

Thought he answered it well actually. Said that one of the things he loved about football in this country is the lack of racism inside the grounds compared to other countries (across Europe presumably)

Said the social media racism was from a minority of people and that it should be dealt with strongly by the authorities. (wasn't sure if he meant the police/government or the platform providers)
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