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Player Valuation: £70m
Dom used to miss those one on ones. Still does all too often.

Were you one of the majority on here who thought he didn't have a future with us?

The two goals he got, are fantastic goals for a striker. You love seeing a striker being in the right place to score scrappy goals.

I'll be frank here mate, I'm not sure Simms makes it here. I think if he had a serious chance, we don't pursue Zirkzee. However I doubt Coleman or particularly Osman had mjuch of a chance when they went on loan and they changed the managers mind.

If he can go and get 10+ goals at Blackpool it will do him the world of good, and ones like tonight, scrappy from 2 yards work fine for me. Get yourself into the right positions ahead of the defender and you will score.

The positive thing for me, is we have better players than Simms at his age coming through. Dobbin if he can get get fit for one.


Player Valuation: £25m
Difference between Dom and Simms though is the rest of their game. Simms just doesn’t have much about him except the finishing for me.
Some strikers are like that though. Invisible for most of the game, then appea4 like magic in the Righ5Right place at the right time.
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