Everton January transfer window 2021

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Player Valuation: £70m
Think he'd jump at the chance to join us over Fulham, unless they blow us out of the water with wages. Will just depend how much the offer to Bournemouth is.

I'm not really bothered on it, but frankly, there isn't a plan, that's pretty clear.

We've gone from talks for a loan on a young striker (Zirkzee), to a last-ditch bid for a soon-to-be out of contract, 29-year-old wide forward.

We have a little bit leverage to be fair. No better club will want him so he sits at Bournemouth and hopes for a huge bonus on a free or he joins us. The chances are that the huge wages he might want, might not be offered in the summer either.

If we get him for a low fee on an 18 month deal or a loan with option to sign him as a free agent, i reckon this makes sense.

We clearly have no real plan because we are shopping last minute again, but we could do a lot worse than King. A short term deal suits us best. In fact any deal where the onus is on King to perform and get himself a longer or better deal with us, could work in our favour.
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