Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022


Player Valuation: £40m
It's certainly looking that way.

In reality, it makes a lot of sense. So much so that it's a pleasant surprise, and hopefully indicative of a more sensible approach to finance, revenues and recruitment than we've seen in several years.

Having said that, I will poop in an envelope and post it to Moshiri if we buy Harry bloody Winks.
We are hoping to sell before Thursday as it will improve our finances long term and make life a bit easier earlier
I can believe it, but I think our footballing days were already behind us both by the time I knew him. He does have a seriously wicked sense of rebelious humour though which has obviously rubbed off. lol
Spoke to him on Sunday, that humour still pops its head up still when tickled right. I’d play you up front for the Evs still, clean them boots man.

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