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Your Everton MOTM vs Crystal Palace

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bring back the catt

Player Valuation: £8m
Signed on this afternoon as a WUM
Best ignored.
Now now, be nice to the helmet as this is probably been the nearest it has ever been to a football match.
Probably confused by the fact we can all speak English. No worries though as Matron will have a fix as to it's whereabouts due to the tagging system.

Serious question, would anybody here go on their site for any reason? Especially if we could possibly win various cups.
If they had twice as many brains they still wouldn't be a half wit.


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I must be on the road to Houston during the match tomorrow. It will be one of the longest drives in recent memory given I'm not aware of any access to the match during the 200+ mile journey and my wife will not stand for me singing Everton songs into the ether for the entire journey.

The game is on the usa network which is included in most tv packages. So if you could time a meal at a restaurant with a bar that has a tv, I'm sure that could be an option to watch the game and give you a break from the drive.


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I hope the players back for the game are actually available and it's not a big tease. I'd rather he put 6 gk on the bench instead of unfit players that way there's not any delusions that he's going to employ subs.


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I would go
Coleman, holgate, Keane, Myko
Doucoure, VDB
Gordon, Iwobi, Richarlison

Iwobi to have a wandering roll in the middle.
I like Allan but I just don't think he and Keane link up well and we can easily get caught out between the lines with them
Definitely agree with pushing Iwobi back into midfield.

Defensively can tuck into that right side of our midfield and defend that space that Zaha loves to cut into.

Going forward he can carry into dangerous central areas that helps open up space for the likes of Gordon and Richarlison to expose.

Think we've got to go with 3 midfielders tomorrow, would tell Doucoure to just follow Gallagher everywhere.
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