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Player Valuation: £10m
But hang on I thought he was our generous benefactor who was dipping his hand into his own pocket to buy us a stadium and loads of shiny players??

Ultimately the money he's pumped in is mostly debt (unless written off in sale price) which will make us unattractive to a prospective buyer.


Player Valuation: £10m
My prediction is BMD will still go ahead as its financed privately via a loan however due to our sponser issue the days of us spending money in the transfer window are done outside of summer windows when we sell someone for massive money (Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison) as FFP simply wont allow us.

Basically our best hope of competing long term now is the new stadium being built and Mosh Man finding a Middle Eastern Royal to buy us out and use their national owned companies to sponser us to get around FFP.


Priority needs to be getting the stadium built, we don't want to be another Valencia.


Player Valuation: £500k
He has had to ditch USM, otherwise he could be the next one sanctioned, because of those connections. Why has Abramovich not been sanctioned ? Isn't he a billionaire Oligarth as well. I know what is happening in Ukraine is absolutely horrendous and life is far more important than football, but you could put your house on it, if one football club would hear the brunt financially, it would be yours truly.

I can't see much risk of Moshiri being sanctioned directly. This is just all about minimizing the collateral damage arising from his links to sanctioned individuals and entities.

Don't see it helping him or us much. Difficult to see banks or sponsors and the like wanting anything to do with someone of his risk profile for quite some time.

Is Usmanov's nephew still on the payroll? That isn't going to help either.

I'd guess we'll be up for sale pretty imminently.
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