How do we fix our club?

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larbert toffee

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The question on this thread is a good one and I think it’s time we (collectively) start to come up with some answers to it.

It’s not something I’d ever really given much thought to, but I think I’m getting to the point where I’d join some organised form of protest over the state of affairs. The problem we face as fans is infighting and letting arguments get in the way of us being a unified voice to address the club itself. If we can agree to put finger pointing at other fans aside and focus on the issues are at the club, we can start to enact change by pressure on the club I think. For me, the main issue by far is accountability at an organisational level. Farhad Moshiri, for his financial injections has proven himself incapable of running the club and has in fact been a terrible custodian because of how unstable financially we now are. Accountability needs to start there and then trickle down to the other board directors, yes including Bill Kenwright, Marcel Brands and DBB. Regardless of your thoughts on Rafael Benitez, whose game management is very difficult to defend on a fixture like today, we need to start at the very top because otherwise we can’t realistically expect anything to improve - it’s been demonstrated time and again over the last 6 years.

I hope other fans will feel the same, let’s get over ourselves and start uniting with each other to change and improve the club we love.
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larbert toffee

Player Valuation: £70m
In all honesty do you think our fan base is going to be anywhere near 50k IF the new ground is built, at this rate we will be lucky to get 12k fans who can be bothered buying a season ticket. We are rapidly becoming another Sunderland, sheff wed, forest. The clubs literally dying around us and we don't seem able to revive it. Wednesday is going to be one horrible atmosphere of the likes I don't think we have seen.
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Omne Viae Moshiri ducunt; all roads lead to Moshir
We have wasted far to much money on players who should not be putting on a Everton shirt. Prime example we keep playing Iwobi he is simply not good enough. The recent run of games we can't pass the ball.... we can't keep the ball.. . we stand off 5 yards.... we don't close down and keep getting dominated. We need a complete overhaul. I know its not all about money but we need to get rid of players who are just robbing a wage and not putting in a shift. Any one have any ideas 💡
Ideas on a post card to...
F. Moshiri
C/O The Liver Buildings

Tennessee Blue Mike

Player Valuation: £70m
After the Watford game the decline has been brutal. No belief and just plain boring tactically inept football. It will be very difficult to right this sinking ship. Possible yes but will we finish above three other floundering teams. Dunc may hold the key.


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Unfortunately we can’t fix anything!

To fix it, we are currently reliant on an “owner” who has thrown £500m or so at the club yet unbelievably we find ourselves in footballing terms worse off than we have been for years! The owner/or stooge for Uzmanov depending on which way you look at it, needs to keep his nose out of footballing matters!

If you employ a Director of Football let him do his job, and if he doesn’t sack him! Then do your homework and get someone in whose sole job it is is to run the football side of things from top to bottom!

Currently we have a first 11 who when fit should be capable of competing for at least the top 8, but as soon as there a couple are out injured/ banned the rest are largely not fit for purpose! How this has been allowed to happen with the money that has been spent is almost beyond belief!

There are appears to be no forward planning in place on the football side, hence why we keep chopping and changing managers who all have a different view on the style of football they play, and we are where we are now because of that!

The only thing we as fans can do is stop going and they look out from their heated seats in the Directors box to a largely empty ground. They might start to get the message then!

To put it simply they just don’t care like we do, if they did it would never have got to this stage!


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Welcome to Merseyside, Kylian Mbappe!..... Wait, no hang on, it's Sean Longstaff. My bad.

Yeah because we can attract that type of player right now. Grow up, did you say the same over Grey and Townsend? do you think changing the manager will suddenly bring Mbappe to us? We need to stick with a manager and let him see out getting rid of a lot of this squad


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Does anyone know if there has been a meeting of some sorts this week? Anyone read out the riot act to this gathering of losers in anticipation for the Derby?
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