How do we fix our club?

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Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
All I want to know is what the plan is.

No, in fact it's simpler than that - I just want to know there is a plan.

I have no idea what we're trying to achieve in the medium or long term, besides moving stadium.

I don't know if there's a footballing, recruitment or business philosophy being put into place.

I don't know what part Marcel Brands plays in any of it.

I don't know if the poor recruitment is down to him, former managers, the board or Moshiri.

For all the community engagement and fan questionnaires, we're a complete mystery box of an organisation.

I just want to know there is a plan.


1. Whatever Brand is, we need a new one. I thought a DoF implements a playing style, through all age groups (Long term strategy) Identifies players to play in that system & gets a coach to coach them. Obvs, this isn’t happening & needs to be rectified. Only 1 man should be culpable, and Brands is getting away with murder whilst everyone takes the flak

2. Get rid of the sentimentality at the club. Just because they once played for us doesn’t mean they’re good enough to coach us

3. Invest in youth, instead of wasting money on the likes of Iwobi, Rooney, Gylffi, invest in young talent.…Brands again.

4 Brands

5. Brands

6 Getting rid of Brands can’t be stated enough

The common denominator throughout all of this cackshow is Brands. Poor recruitment, bad Managerial choices (I know Mosh supposedly chose Benitez), but if you have the owner & DoF on different pages, that’s not good. Wasted over 100m on players & millions on managerial payoffs. Brands has cost the club ridiculous amounts of dough AND he gets a new 3 year contract on the back of it!!!!!


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Construct a long term top to bottom plan. Lower year to year expectations while we attempt to implement said plan. Improve communication so supporters understand and can follow the progress as the club moves along with the plan. Sign players, run the academy, and hire managers with a view of how it all fits into what we are trying to do with our long term plan. It all revolves around having some kind of guiding idea of what you want to do. Otherwise you're just doing things that don't link together and you're always moving forward and back at the same time.

The bad news is Moshiri has shown no signs of having any clue on what to do. So I wouldn't hold your breath.


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Send the RS to the other side of the moon with insufficient fuel to get back. and our football life would be much more tolerable .


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I think there is a divide in the fan base on the main culprits, which is primarily the board! Moshiri & Bill, than to an extent after that Brands & DBB!

Rafael is give or take! But sacking him wouldn't change anything as the people making the decisions think they are doing a great job!
I'm not a huge fan of Benitez myself, but getting rid of him does nothing unless we change the club higher up!
Hard agree with you here mate, I think reading some of the articles and listening to some of the content put out since yesterday these issues and the culprits are finally starting to become more widely acknowledged both in and outside of the club
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