Leon Osman

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Always felt sorry for the good folk of Skelmersdale.

As the overspill of this hallowed land, they ploughed a lonely furrow amongst the great unwashed of west Lancashire.

No love lost there.

I believe they used the following acronym to refer to their nemeses in a near by village; BIFFO:

‘Bone Idle heffer From Ormskirk’.
Wouldn’t that be BIHFO?

dave n

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He is a sit on the fence man, talks about Everton with no passion, exactly the problem during his playing days with us, the “bigger teams were always better”
Carlo is changing the mentality of the club and his players
That was David Moyes fault and tactics not Leon Osmans. Moyes was just happy to sit in our own half and wait for the big 6 to score.


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Like a few on here, never ever understood the vitriolic hatred towards him, it sometimes truly comes off as some kind of desperation to it like the outsider who wants to fit in with the cool kids, 'Oh yeah, he is a rat isn't he', 'Oh yeah, he is a grass isn't he', Oh yeah, [insert pathetic name calling here] isn't he'.

I do have a question for the 'grass' thing. I never understood it and could not be bothered to ask but what this is referring to but now is the time to ask, can somebody shed some light onto this?

Great little player, Osman, Pienaar & Arteta were superb to watch at times, yes the overall club mentality stunted them in some of the bigger games but overall it was a lovely period to watch Everton and he was a massive part of that.


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....maestro of a little footballer, I had the absolute pleasure to watch him lots in the Academy ranks and he was outstanding. Amazing ‘feet’, beautiful balance and decent striker of the ball off both feet. The FA Youth Cup is always a benchmark and we won it the year Osman played, I was fortunate to witness the fantastic goal he scored in the final at Blackburn.

He was such a talent, he took the ball on the spin in tightest areas and turned defence into attack. He made the difficult look easy, much of his work goes unrecognised by many. He’s such a good lad as well, a bit of a throw back to an old fashioned footballer is Osman.

What an underrated talent, good job a whole series of Everton managers popped his name in the team sheet each week and chuffed he was rewarded with a couple of England caps.


Jim Hopper

Player Valuation: £60m
Didn't he score a last minute cracker against Portsmouth at Goodison as well when we were fighting for a top four place. I think it was 2003/2004 season.

He scored some cracking goals for us to be fair. He’s was the Davies of the Moyes era, always seemed to be made the scapegoat just because he was a local (ish) lad. He contributed to some of the best moments of the Moyes era. Can’t remember the last time we had a midfidler other than James who was capable of scoring goals outside of the box as often.


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Tough ask for Ossie with Redknapp and Neville just desperate, absolutely desperate to portray the game as some kind of freak occurrence, and the result as a product or emblem of Man United's inconsistency. Absolutely no coverage of our gameplan, quality on the ball at times, organisation off the ball, or competent individual performances - which is a choice of the producer rather than Ossie.

Difficult to come across as level headed in such a hysterical environment. Thought he stuck up for us well, without incurring the wrath of sky's overgrown and entitled football toddlers.

I like him in the pundit space. He's a true blue and will at least put a good word in here and there. As I say Sky is a lost cause, those guys can get tf
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