PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

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Player Valuation: £1.5m
Every team likes to get points on the board Matty....better than chasing them later on.

ffs ....just seen the Shoite's fixtures....they'll be out of sight by October :mad:
Their first five aways are Fulham, Utd, Everton, Chelsea & Arsenal. So you must rate them very highly if they'll be out of sight by October.


Player Valuation: £100m
Joining in with the charade is not the right solution though. So long as there is bast amounts of money from tv marketing, ffp exists and wealthy people see football as a means of acquiring yet more wealth, the results will always reflect that wealth.

We need to get our sport back - where wealth comes from supporters turning up at the turnstile and players paid with capped wages.
This isn't going to happen though, no matter how much we would want it


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Not anymore hombre.


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Player Valuation: £80m
Not too unhappy with that as a first game for us either. I mean we’ve got a crap record at Goodison recently but at least (by my reckoning anyway) it’ll still be daylight when it finishes so no special atmosphere under the Goodison floodlights for us to endure. That’s what I’m clinging onto anyway….😳
What is the feeling from Chelsea fans on the opening game in general, ive seen a a few moan about the 1st 3 etc, but it would not be normal if people didnt moan lol
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