2021/22 Rafael Benitez


Player Valuation: £2.5m
You can still moan about the result but I wouldn’t have moaned about him trying something different and taking off an actual living statue up front.

Did you think keeping Rondon on for 94 mins was good?
Rondon's not good enough, I agree, but, like Thatcher said, TINA.
I trust that Benitez sees talent & that Dobbin, probably, is not good enough (yet).


Player Valuation: £70m
Only Everton fans could moan about the manager picking certain players when the only other options are untested kids, 2 goalkeeper's & Mr Glass (oh and skateboard kid).


Player Valuation: £1m
Said when things were going well that we should wait and see at the end of the season. If things go a bit wonky, it's only fair that the same applies. No matter your opinion of the man, he has had no luck with Doucoure down as well. The subs thing is still galling me though. (please let's not do the who "no one on the bench" thing again)

I don't know, honestly.
It's not like we had Wayne Rooney or Andrew Johnson on the bench.
Do you think Gordon or Dobbin would've equalised?

I don’t know if they would have but they have pace and energy and would certainly have offered more than the zero Rondon offered. If you can’t see that your agenda is just off the charts.


Player Valuation: £10m
Benitez hasn't been backed yet and I have some sympathy for him with the detritus that comprises his "squad", so I am basically somebody who is supportive of his appointment and of the job he has done to date. However, you cannot go and sell James Rodriguez and continue to pick Alex Iwobi, injury crisis or not. I am all for managers making their own decisions. If he wanted James out, fine. Go for it. But you can't dismiss a player of that ilk and persist with the irredeemable waste of space that is Iwobi. That's simply perverse. If you are also going to keep the likes of Davies, Gomes, and the invalid Gbamin, you better have a good plan for using them effectively. Any pass that Benitez might get for the presence of these losers (let's face it, Brands is the culprit here) is not forthcoming when he made it his business to force James out. I'd like to see similar force applied to, ooh, a good half dozen of our "squad" - as well as to Brands himself. With Doucoure now out as well as DCL etc, 14th here we come!


Player Valuation: £1m
Gordon hasn't scored a single goal for us our fans over rate the lad massively.
Was thinking more about Dobbin but I, like yourself, will never know. I freely acknowledge you may very well be right but those that think differently may also be right too. Not going to fall out over a hypothetical scenario, though. Looking forward to the next game (glutton for punishment, me)

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