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Player Valuation: £70m
Well what do we do then? We have blown astronomical amounts of money, and therefore don’t have the money to spend to replace the garbage. When I look back to the Moyes days, even though I didn’t enjoy it we had some kind of identity. I don’t see anything right now, what the hell are we aiming for? The Ancelotti fiasco was a joke, and what the hell were we doing bringing in James in the first place if we couldn’t afford him? We missed a player like him today, but I know I’m not allowed to go back over all that again. I look at the Watford fans today and they were having more fun than our fans all the way through the match, even when they were losing.

The season was over as soon as Doucoure and DCL were confirmed as out for 6+ weeks.

We simply dont have a replacement for Doucoure - Davies is a disgrace of a CM player and we got over run by a crap side today Sissoko had the freedom of the midfield.

King absolutely bullied Keane today and Godfrey and Digne are just brain dead footballers when asked to actually defend.

Winning 2-1 then losing 5-2 im sorry lads thats not on the manager thats down to an absolute rank mentality that some of these players have.

You see it all the time - Keane and Davies constantly cocking up, Godfrey all over the place flapping at everything.

If taking off one wide player for another wide player means the defence turns to mush then we have much bigger problems than Rafael Benitez.


Player Valuation: £60m
Not excuses at all - sack him now and go get appoint Potter

And when Everton are still dropping points with cowards like Keane and Davies in the side you can call for Grahams head as well

Sack Potter go get Nuno, Everton still dropping points with cowards like Keane and Davies in the side you can call for Espirto's head as well.

You see where im going with this?

Definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So keep sacking managers and giving new contracts to Micheal Keane maybe one day you'll all wake up and smell the coffee.
FFS you were the one calling for Potter.


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