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I think it's fair to say these players are playing with determination and have been for a couple of months. They are individually better than the likes of Burnley and Leeds who might stay up at our expense. It's just a pity that we've galvanised ourselves so late in the day.

A/ Burnley having games against teams that have largely put their feet up.
B/ Leeds have a tough run in but also that 4 point gap.

That said, six games of the PL to go and there will be a turn or two again. We're within touching distance should either of those two above falter.


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Genuine question, can you get streams for championship games? If we go down which looks more likely than not, I’ll not know what to do at the weekend at around 3pm if I can’t watch.
Haven't a clue mate, but have to admit I have been thinking about match times and how to watch etc. I know almost nothing about how that league operates, guess I may have to learn. :(

It would be very weird, but I'd get used it. Hope not for long though.


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I look at our team and the thought of them in the championship it sends shivers down my spine. We don’t have the fighters for it, it’s a tough league.


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Disappointed but not downhearted.
Still in our hands to pull ourselves out of the nose dive. This weekend was always going to weigh heavy on us. The vast majority expected an RS and Burnley victory so that's history now.
Still plenty of points on offer starting once again next Sunday when the footballing gods will look favourably upon us.


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Genuine question, can you get streams for championship games? If we go down which looks more likely than not, I’ll not know what to do at the weekend at around 3pm if I can’t watch.
Yes. I had no issue watching Villa games when we were down there. Use a site like LivesoccerTV that will tell you every station in the world that is showing a particular game, then just find the station using your preferred method.


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Given I have not watched an Everton game live for over two years, the Club's imminent relegation is not going to particularly affect me. The PL is bent and EFC is broken. It actually needs some 'time-out' to effect the necessary remedial work: new owners, new Chairman, new Board, new executives, new players and maybe new management and coaches. Everton has been circling the drain for years. But will the Club have the testicular fortitude to effect necessary change? I doubt it.

Everton that.


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The current table is why I was shocked when people were celebrating Leeds beating Watford. Burnley always had the potential to get some wins on the board and now they have it looks as though we need to pull Leeds back in. If Leeds lose tomorrow then there is a very good chance they won't win the next 3 after that either.

We are definitely not out of this and made arguably the best club team in the world look very ordinary for 60 mins today.
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