2021/22 Richarlison

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Player Valuation: £90m
They are big yeah, but not a top club. They haven't won a title in longer than us.

You don't join spurs to win trophies
You are more likely to win a trophy at Spurs right now than Everton.

In the last 10 years, we have finished above them once - in 2013-14, when we finished 5th and they, with Tim friggin Sherwood and before Kane burst into the team, finished 6th. That 13-14 season is by far our best season of the last decade too, which is the sad thing. Spurs were maligned for being crap and wasting the Bale money that year.

They've since reached three finals (2 in League Cup, 1 in CL) and a further 4 semi-finals. In that time Everton have reached 2 semi-finals - both in 15-16.

So by definition he is more likely to have success there than here.

He also wants to play in the Champions League, which seems to be as important to a lot of players as winning a domestic trophy. Spurs have qualified for it 4 times in the last decade, and have been in Europe each season too.

Right now, they have a world class manager, have money to spend, are in the CL again and have two of the world's best strikers in Kane and Son. Everton just finished 16th and have hardly got a pot to p*** in


Player Valuation: £50m
It's just dawned on me that if Gabriel Jesus gets more first-team football now at Arsenal while Richarlison struggles to break into Spurs' attack before November, there could well be an issue for Richarlison when it comes to starting for Brazil at the World Cup. Arsenal have good early fixtures for Jesus to get up and running, too. Oh well, not that I give a scooby. You make your bed, you lie in it.
Why are you thinking these strange things?🤣


Player Valuation: £90m

Winning trophies is very difficult in top flight football, but Spurs have a very good chance of winning silverware over the next couple of years.
If we all had to bet on who is more likely to win a cup this coming season, out of Spurs and Everton, then I think it's fairly safe to assume who most would wager their money on.

Of course, there's a very high likelihood neither club win a trophy. But one is more likely to enjoy success than the other - and by 'success', then I'd say CL qualification counts in that too.

I'm sure Richarlison would have loved to join City, PSG, Bayern or Madrid, but none of them came in for him because simply put they don't need him. Chelsea decided to plump for Raphinha and only gave a late offer of player + cash. None of the clubs of Spurs' level abroad (i.e. Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Milan clubs, Juve) can't afford that much right now, and Barca's finances make ours look sensible.


Player Valuation: £8m
Below average winger vs Brazil international.

Some of our fan base are beyond accepting ng of mediocrity

Richarlison wasn't a Brazilian international when he was Gordons age either. He was playing for Watford and was at similar stage of his international development.

Gordon has huge potential and there is a reason why Tottenham wanted him. The rumour was £100m for them both, so Spurs may have wanted to pay £40m. Which was rejected.

Richarlison was always going to leave Everton.

When Richarlison was playing poorly, which was most of the season. It was Gordon who looked like the only player who seemed bothered with his energy levels

He is not average.

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