2017/18 Ross Barkley

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To be fair, I thought that, but he gave a lot of Sunderland rejects (Not that I'm saying Barkley is a reject but you know what I mean) a second chance and they seemed to flourish under him. Obviously, we didn't have anyone as technically good as Barkley, but the players seemed to really get on board with Big Sam and he made us much better organised and harder to break-down. Wouldn't surprise me if Big Sam come in, took Barkley to one side and said "Clean slate lad, I don't care what's happened before I come in, this is your second chance to do the business for Everton - Up to you now" and revived his career with you.

He seems to have a good man-management style and the players were willing to run through brick walls for him.
He dropped him from his England sides. He is a football dinosaur.


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I completely agree. Great post mate.

Back to this same subject

Look at the variety of candidates
Allardyce Silva Pulis AVB
DOF yes or no?
What is the playing strategy and style ?

It's maddening these undulations. I can see why people feel a DoF is the way to go in ironing out these fluctuations in style and method. But I dont think it's a necessary post, tbh.

I look at Swansea for inspiration in that they had a clearly defined style they kept for years - possibly Monk's over-physical game was the beginning of the end for it. And that, as far as I'm aware, was down to clear headed thinking at boardroom level in their appointments and what they must have insisted on in interview with managers. Swansea kept their nerve and kept on a certain defined path with minimum fuss and performed well in excess of expectations because of the seamless change form manager to manager. That's what we should be aiming for.

Going back to Martinez: the answer wasn't then to throw the baby out with the bathwater; the answer was to replace Martinez with a similar manager with a similar approach but with more attention to small things in defence like set piece work. But our board went the other way and for another style...a style that goes away from what all other age groups in the organisation had adopted under the previous set up.


Not open for further replies.
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